Never Ignore a Faulty Gas Appliance

Never Ignore a Faulty Gas Appliance

Find professional gas line repair services in Greenwood, IN

Is your gas stove, heater or fireplace acting up? Gas line repair work should never be a DIY project. While natural gas is perfectly safe under normal circumstances, it can be deadly when dealing with a damaged gas line. A repair technician can fix the problem safely.

Full Scale Plumbing LLC handles gas line repair work in the Greenwood, IN area. Get in touch with us today to discuss your issue with a team member.

Count on us for reliable plumbing repair work

For over 13 years, residents of Greenwood, Indiana have gotten plumbing repair services from Full Scale Plumbing. You can count on us to fix your...

  • Appliances: Find reliable repair work for your sump pump, garbage disposal or sink.
  • Pipes: Turn to us for safe gas line and water pipe leak repairs.
  • Fixtures: Get your water heater, toilet or shower back in working order.

We can fix something as small as a loose hose spigot or as large as a leaking water heater. Set up a plumbing repair appointment by calling 317-600-6544 today.